Neighborhood Email List

The Rolling Oaks Mailing List is a great way to improve communication and the sense of community we feel in our wonderful neighborhood. Membership is limited to residents so be sure to include your name and address in the e-mail message. Email to get added.

Posting Messages to the Rolling Oaks List:  

•  The Rolling Oaks List address is:

•  Only members of the List can post a message

•  Messages sent to this address will go to everyone on the Neighborhood List

•  Please be specific in the Subject Line.  If a message is for a particular Homeowners Association only (ie, Wedgewood or Heritage Hills), please state this in the subject line.  For example "Rolling Oaks - Lost Dog" or "Wedgewood Meeting".  

Mailing List Posting Rules
(Revised 7/9/15 - Effective 8/1/15)

The Heritage Hills Homeowners Association ("HHHA") operates the Rolling Oaks Mailing List.  The following usage rules apply with respect to use of this general Mailing List system:

1. The Mailing List is a group of homeowners and residents of the Heritage Hills Homeowners Association, and the other subdivisions which generally make up the community referred to as Rolling Oaks, comprising of the square mile bounded between Thirteen and Fourteen Mile Roads and Farmington and Drake Roads. Access is limited to registered members of the Mailing List.

2. Use of the Mailing List is limited to members who have been appropriately registered. The HHHA provides the Mailing List as a service to residents and homeowners to assist them in the sharing of information relative to the following subject matters: neighborhood events, safety improvements, lost pets, Forest Elementary School community/school events, meetings, crime prevention, welcoming or assisting new neighbors, contractor recommendations, etc.

3. All messages sent on this list may be moderated or screened to eliminate duplicate postings or any messages that violate any of these rules. Such messages may be rejected and not posted to the list.

4. The Mailing List system should not be regarded as a secure system and should never be used for anything that is confidential in nature.

5. Information generated on the list is for the sole use and benefit of the registered users of the list. List participants shall not forward or otherwise distribute Mailing List messages and/or attachments to those who are not registered on the list unless they have permission of the message originator.

6. A clear and concise label of the posting shall be put on every posting in the Subject line. The Subject of your message must be related to your topic. 

7. Do not use someone else's message to send your message unless it is a reply to a previous message and the same Subject.

8. When you respond to a question, you should make sure that the question is copied onto the screen so that the participant(s) know to which question you are responding.

9. The following material is inappropriate and may not be posted to the Mailing List system:

A. One or two word responses, such as "thanks", or "call me". If information or responses like this need to be generated, they should be sent directly to the person it is intended, and not the group as a whole. If you have a question that needs clarification to a person posting a response, please do so privately to the person sending the original message.

B. Only reply to the entire group if you believe the response is relevant for everyone to read. If it is appropriate for only the original sender, only send that person a personal reply message.

C. Obscene, offensive, inflammatory, libelous, derogatory, or any language directed to harm someone or group personally.

D. Copyrighted material shall not be posted without permission by the owner of the material.

E. Political commentary or solicitations for money.

F. Advertising.  However, the following are permitted:

a. Offering items (e.g, household goods, electronic items, furniture, tickets) for sale, give-away or donation, provided the item is not offered as part of your usual or customary business;

b. Announcing the availability of services (e.g., babysitting, tutoring, yard help, car washing), provided the availability of services are not repeatedly advertised, and;

c. Announcing civic, local, neighborhood and educational events related to our neighborhood, community or schools.

10. Members whose computers may be compromised and their mailing address is being used to send spam message to the Mailing List, may have their sending privileges revoked until we are certain their computer has been restored.

11. Any violations of the above rules will be taken seriously.

The Board of the Heritage Hills Homeowners Association, or any individual(s) or committee members appointed by the HHHA, will serve to enforce these rules. Sanctions can include a warning, suspension of privileges or removal from the Mailing List. In the event the HHHA Board has delegated the management of the Mailing List system to an individual(s) or a committee, an individual whose privileges have been affected may appeal a decision to the full Board, upon which the decision will be considered final.

The Board of the Heritage Hills Homeowners Association reserves the right to amend, modify or supplement these Mailing List rules at any time.